1200 innocent souls lost in 22 days

for the past three weeks+ I have been watching with horror what did war machine do to a crowded city, considered amongst the most dense in these days.

Gaza, lost 350+ children, 80+ women and 100+ seniors, not to mention young men who has nothing to do with terror except being terrorized by a neighboring country.

Statistics alone are painful, but what is more painful is looking at each individual case. A child, an infant, a bride, a mother, and sometimes a would be mother.

Collateral damage is the excuse frequently used to justify the killing factory, which brings me back in time with what Hitler did 70 years back.

For you Gaza I sob, for your children, I look at mine and weep, what if I was a parent to one of these children, will I ever forget that deep pain of losing my child before my eyes, see my child bleed and not be able to rescue her because of the IDF troops shooting at whomever goes outside their homes. I wonder.


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