A child’s nightmare

For those who are not familiar with Arabic, this child says:

“The shell came from above,
it entered from one window then
all windows were shattered
and our house was set on fire
they broke my stuff, they broke my toys
I even have so many stuff that melt down
everything we through in the garbage
our clothes we threw in the garbage
if you smell our clothes .. let them come and smell our clothes
and see our house
even the new pair of glasses my dad got me I did not have the chance to be happy with
even the new bracelet mom got me and the earrings, the ..

hmm hmm .. rings I did not have the chance to feel happy about them
how would you feel happy .. even my nickles .. and others ..

how could I feel happy about my stuff
I am even scared from these shells ..
I get shivers whenever I see them”


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