Did Hamas start this war?

Ok, we have a war. Some children and women are paying the price for that war, they die and get injured. It kills us, we ask why, the Israelis say, but Hamas have been raining us with GRAD rockets for the past 8 years.

I search and find out that Gaza and Israel had truce so none of them would offend the other,  great, we are getting somewhere here, so what happened? well Hamas did not renew the truce? really? so the truce was over?

Well, actually, not at the time of the first air strike … 27 December 2008, then Hamas returned back fire at that time

Add to that, the truce had as part of it’s terms is to allow border crossings to Gaza, which Israel never respected!

What surprized me, is the article I read later on that Israel has been preparing for this war since the truce has started!

anyways, this subject requires some research. I would like to hear from you


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