White Phosphorus Black History

What type of fireworks are did IDF use to brighten Gaza skies? military experts would describe it as  White Phosphorus Shells a shell fired via artillery capable of burning whatever whatever it touch for quite long periods, be it children, trees, infants, food stores, women, elders, hospitals, schools and more.

IDF Spokesmen claims they did not use it in Gaza in several occasions, but they did not explain what are these diabolic fire rains eating whatever is dead or alive.

Be it WP or something else, it does the same thing, it kills people in large masses, and this is what I call a weapon of Mass Destruction what the world has moved its troops to fight Iraq and replace its regime to protect the world from a potential danger which did not happen so far, but it happened from Israel, and no one ever noticed. I wonder why.

I kept asking myself, should I share the frightening pictures and videos of the results of such evil invention or not, and then I thought, it might be our deuty to share at least the link of such video for those who are willing to see such result, those who are willing to see, should be warned, this fottage is quite disturbing .. press here to see the truth


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