Did Israel declare war on the UN? Part 2

In the previous post Did Israel declare war on the UN? Part 1 we mentioned two incident where Israel have attacked two UN facilities in Gaza during their operation Cast Lead, also known as Children Holocaust, first one was the attack on the UNRWA School of Al Fakhura on 6 January 2009, resulting in 43 deaths. And later on 15 January 2009, UNRWA Headquarters were shelled with white phosphorus resulting in  damages in properties of the UN, thre burning stores of humaniterian aids and fuel storages!

  • On 17 January 2009, a third incident of UN facility shelling took place. Another School in Beit Lahiya this time, sheltering around 1600 people, was shelled with white phosphorus shells, killing two children and wounding 14 people. What was so special about this incident, is the presence of cameras during the shelling where the white strings of white phosphorus shells were seen closely, so the damage it caused by the time it touched any object it hit.
UNRWA School in Beit Lahiya Shelled with WP

UNRWA School in Beit Lahiya Shelled with WP

  • Earlier before that incident, on 8 Januway 2009, it was reported that the IDF troops fired on a U.N. aid convoy in Gaza Thursday, killing two aid workers, during a three-hour truce. The UN convoys carrying humanitarian aids to Gaza. IDF (as usual), declined and even said it was Hamas who did that. but the eye witnesses where there and no reason nor justification.

For those who would question these incidents, I have documents published on the UN website confirming these incidents.

The question is, why would Israel mistakenly shell UN facilities and kill UN workers.

Did they declare war on the UN? do they show the UN that they show no respect? or they are trying to prevent UN from helping civilans in Gaza strip to enforce more starvation to enjoy tourtoring them?


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