The serial killer state

Throughout the history, not a single state has committed this number of assassinations against those who were obstacles in it’s way to achieve it’s ultimate goal, a state built on racial discrimination.

Call them terrorists, cartoonists, leaders, scientists, and even common people. They are never protected.

  • Naji Salim al-Ali: A Palestinian cartoonist, assassinated in London 22 July 1987 where he remained unconscious until he died in 29 August 1987. Al Ali was known for his sharp criticism to Israel in his 40’000+ cartoons which reflected the public Arab opinion and in many cases moved that opinion. Mosad, the Israeli intelligence agency, denied that incident, but the assassin mentioned that he worked for them, so enough said.
  • Yehia El-Mashad: an Egyptian atomic scientist, killed in Paris in 13 June 1980. He worked on an Iraqi nuclear program with French coordination. He received warnings to stop working on this project but he ignored it and ended up losing his life.
  • Gerald Vincent Bull: Canadian engineer, killed by 5 bullets on 22 March 1990 outside his apartment in Brussels. Bull worked on the SCUDD project in Iraq and his apartment was broken into several times, he was warned to stop working in this project but he ignored these warnings.
  • Khalid Mish’al: Political leader of the Syrian branch of the Hamas political bureau and the current leader of Hamas since the assassination of Dr. Rantissi. In 25 September 1997, ten Mossad agents, who attempted to kill him by applying a deadly poison on his neck while asleep! Interestingly, this assassination attempt was ordered by Israeli primeminister by that time Benjamin Netanyahu. Assassination took place in Jordan, where King Hussain demanded the poison antidote. Israel rejected in the beginning to give in the antidote, but after some political pressure, they finally gave it in. 
  • Bassam Abu Sharif: A former member of the PLO, There were several attempts to kill him by letter bombs, sent by the Mosad! He lost four fingers, became deaf in one ear and blind in one eye. Abu Sharif is still alive, but is still suffering from the disabilities resulting from the Israeli attempts of murder.
  • Izz El-Deen Sobhi Sheikh Khalil: Lost his life in an automobile booby trap on 26 September 2004. Three bystanders where injured, and some properties including cars and buildings were partially damaged.
  • Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin: A crippled Hamas leader (political department), assassinated 22 March 2004, by an Israeli helicopter gunship firing Hell Missiles (an anti tank missile) at him in his wheelchair while exiting his morning prayer. Shiekh Yassin, Two of his bodyguards and nine other bystanders were killed at this offense. in addition to the 11 souls lost, another 12 people were injured. What really intrigues me, is the use of a tank buster to kill a cripple! A person who is almost fully paralyzed, barley capable of breathing and talking, not even capable of lifting his own head, to be killed by an anti armor missile, Hell Fire?
  • Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi: Was a political leader and a spokesman at Hamas, on 17 April 2004, he was murdered by the same missile type “Hell Fire” from an Apatche Helicopter which IAF fired on his car. He lost his life, so did his son Mohammad, a 27 years old and Ratissi’s bodyguard Akram Nassar. While someone might justify such cold blooded murder that they are “terrorists”, a bystander mother and her 5 years old daughter were killed, and four others were wounded. I wonder if IDF spokesman would say this time “Khamas were using them as human shields”, these guys were in their car going somewhere, and they can not evacuate the streets for them to move from one place to another, besides, they were not firing mortars or Qassam missiles on Israel on that time.
  • The same person, Dr.Rantissi, was targeted before with the same technique, a helicopter launching a missile at him while in a car on 10 June 2003, he was lightly wounded by this incident, but unfortunately, two civilians were killed, and 30 wounded, including 15 children under the age of 12. Same question, was he launching a GRAD missile at Israel by that time? Or is it the IAF are bloodthirsty, and they like to see more and more Palestinians die.

It is a mad way of resolving conflicts, and they call those patriots who are trying to liberate their country terrorists. I thought I could list down all assassinations done by Israel, but it is almost impossible with my limited time.

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  1. January 23, 2009 at 10:50

    Bull was working on the “SUPER CANNON” project that iraq funded so that they could lob shells into israel… bull wanted to makethe biggest and baddest cannon on the planet and didn’t care who it was used to kill he just wanted to make it work and show the world what he had done even though he was breaking international laws by doing so,
    the parts of the cannon that were about to be shipped out of england to iraq were found out not to be the “OIL pipes that they had been listed as on the export docs.

    Naji Salim al-Ali the cartoonist was not an Israeli project, we in Israel don’t give 3 S@@ts about cartoons . we don’t riot and yell death to cartoonists like you guys did to the Danish cartoonist and newspaper etc, so keep trying you might find something but most likely something you don’t want to print

    The rest you need to point out were known terrorists, supporting international terrorism….. oh but we forget it’s just Jews they kill so it’s ok with you right?

  2. freeproudworld said,

    January 23, 2009 at 13:25

    Mr. Goldman commented that all the victims mentioned in this article deserves death.
    Although I do not agree with him that we would fight unwanted ideas with force, otherwise this would be terrorism itself. Let us just agree with him that some would hypothetically deserve death, it would be as follows:
    * we must do that after a trial
    * we must make sure not to harm innocent people

  3. January 24, 2009 at 17:47

    So if a person is making a weapon that will blow you and yours to hell and back again is told by his, and every other govt. to stop and doesn’t., then gets a couple of .22 slugs in the lower neck and taken out so that his cannon can’t be used. you say he is innocent?
    Naiji Salim as I said was not and never was an Israeli target…
    and the rest were active combatants against israel. ACTIVE COMBATANTS!!
    you are blind son… totally blind…..

    • freeproudworld said,

      January 25, 2009 at 16:55

      I am sure the “terrorists” think the same way. that makes them no different than Israeli way of thinking.
      by the way, Israel used nuclear weapons on Gaza in this war, and it contaminated the Egyptian soil with nuclear dust, should Egypt strike back?
      I am not blind, just not racist. I don’t give myself the right to hurt others and get upset if they fight back.

  4. January 26, 2009 at 07:14

    ROFLMFAO! you some weapons expert or something? or are you just on the bong a little too much today?
    do you know that the makers of the Kassams soak the ball bearings in rat poison and human waste so that if the balst doesn’t kill you maybe the poison or infections will? do you know that this is in violation of every international law? so why aren’t you screaming your head off about this? why aren’t you blistering the asses of the Hamas members who hide behind women and children and make them soak up the incoming rounds because they are using a human sniper pit….

    OH yeah i forgot. it’s allowed in your religon … but since we are Jews. we aren’t allowed to hit back…..

    sonny i wouldn’t think twice about putting some armed lad down. they are as bad as rabid dogs…….. but someone who wants to talk and talk on a same level basis that’s fine. but to lie and claim falsely as you do , we it ain’t going to happen
    Hamas started it . we finished it, egypt allows the weapons to come across egyptian lands, the tunnels are from Egypt to Gaza. seems you guys need a flushing as well

    • freeproudworld said,

      January 26, 2009 at 15:13

      Are you having a problem about Islam? is Israel having a war against Muslim world? let me see … 1.3 billion Muslims, 70 states … naah, I don’t think Israel is that stupid. so just limit your talk to your capabilities.

      IDF was stupid enough to commit enough terror for the world to watch. by the way, we have witnesses who mentioned something about the IDF troops playing aim at dead children! is that a war crime?

      Or maybe we should talk about Hamas back in the 70’s when IAF targeted a school in Egypt, it seems that the grandchildren of Hamas were hiding in that school or something.

      By the way, does the word DIME mean anything to you? what about Air Fuel Bombs, what about Hell Fire, the Tank buster missile you use against humans.

      guess what, it is all on tape, and it is spreading around the internet, experts from around the world are investigating the situation in Gaza like the did before in southern Lebanon ad confirmed the use of a nuclear warhead in the holes caused by Israeli missiles and shells, both in Lebanon and Syria, so no more IDF lies. Israel is standing in the Black and Red side of history books, it is all about blood and terror, and our children and grandchildren will talk for ages about this barbaric nazi nation who preferred to kill for euphoria 😉

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