The One State Solution

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It seems that we are not alone in this planet, and there are some humans who still inhabit other places in the world who can see what is going on in that hot spot.

This report by CBS Network, titled “Is Peace Out Of Reach?”, where Mr. Bob Simon probes into a hidden factor outside Gaza preventing the Two State Solution, illegal settlements. Israeli settlers are using this technique to enforce a geopolitical defacto factor preventing the possibility of existence of any sort of Palestinian State!

This problem is so old and generations kept thinking of a solution for it. The only way out we believe in, is the One State Solution, where the whole land is considered as one state, and a universal constitution protecting every single soul in this land. Where Jews, Christians and Muslims have the right to practice their rituals and live in peace and dignity, it might require some sort of complicated political handling due to diversity in both beliefs and ethnicity’s, to reach a stable and peaceful state.

Israel, as a “Jewish” state is not the solution, because for you to be a full fledged citizen, you have to have Jewish origins, not only Jewish belief, which is not fair for almost 4 million Arabs mostly Muslims living in the same land. On the other hand, repelling the Jewish immigrants is not a fair solution, since so many of them are 2nd, third or even fourth generation of immigrants who have no other place to go. However, Jewish immigration should stop until this soulution is implemented and stable enough to receive more immigrants, be it Jewish, Christian or Muslim immigration.

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