Craig Murray’s Speech in London

I have been looking for this clip over YouTube for quite some time after watching the great compilation about Gaza conflict, until finally I learned that the name of this person to be Craig Murray, a British politician and a former ambassador at Uzbekistan.

This speech took place on Saturday 10/01/2009 in London.

He gave in 11 important arguments in his speech

  1. This operation is a shame on the whole mankind since this is a crime against civilians
  2. He is ashamed of his former colleagues who are delaying the diplomatic process leading to a cease fire which is blackmailing the Palestinians
  3. He does not accept the existence of the state of Israel similar to his denial of the existence of the Apartheid of South Africa
  4. Israel is based on ethnic cleansing
  5. Israel is based on racism
  6. We see news of Sderot village everyday in the news and how people living in it are living on fear of being under attack, and never mentioned once that this village is originally a Palestinian village and it was stolen from the Arabs who were pushed out of it
  7. We stand together with the people of Palestine
  8. We stand for a Palestine which is one country not tiny home lands.
  9. We stand against racism
  10. Zionism is B.S
  11. 3000 years ago his Celtic ancistors were living in Switzerland and he can not claim Switzerland. So Zionism is none sense.

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