Der böse, böse Nachbar

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Professor Rolf Verleger, is another Jewish professor, who could not restrain himself from answering back the Israeli propaganda aiming to clear their image after the recent massacre in Gaza.

It all started as a response to an article written by Fania Oz-Salzberger in FAZ newspaper on 31 December 2008, talking about how hard life is for the Israelis and how patient they were in the past few years taking all these rockets and rocks thrown at their towns in Southern Israel. In less than 5 days in the Hintergrund newspaper he wrote an article  titled “Der böse, böse Nachbar” or “The Bad, Bad Neighbor” (as per the English translation I stumbled upon), where Professor Rolf Verleger thanked Oz-Salzberger for such article that gave him the chance to elaborate by proof and dates what has happened exactly, and if the Gazans are really these bad neighbors who keep hurting their peaceful Israelis.

Professor Rolf Verleger is a German psychology professor and a Jewish activist, whom I could not find an online English biography for him.

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