Show no mercy in Gaza

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That was the essence of the Rabbi’s preachings to IDF troops during and before the war on Gaza. this might explain the reason behind the cruelty in this war and the violations to human rights!

I read a report from a local network about this topic and could not comment or write about it until there is a solid proof that it took place, thank God there is, and the suffering of those who lived and living in Gaza will not remain their own secret anymore, the whole world can have a quick glimpse on the fanatic justification behind what the IDF have called “Cast Lead”.

Brigadier General Avichai Rontzki, among others where responsible for this way of handling civilians, there were some incidents where children and women were reported to be shot from short distance, and today after we read and listen to these reports, we know why!

Al Jazeera Report

Press TV Report

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Zionism is not Judaism

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Jews and Muslims live in peace

Yes, that is how it used to be, hundreds of years until 1948, Muslims and Jews lived together in the same state, with mutual respect, protecting each other, and that is what some Jews say themselves.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, in this video clip is explaining to the crowd how it used to be before the creation of the state of Israel, and how it became later on.

He is a man who says that he fears God, such statement you would never hear an Israeli politician say. Rabbi Weiss, you deserve our respect and solidarity and I wish I could live next door to a person like you.

But such men are not welcome to Zionists who ruin their plans and claims that it is a Muslim vs. Jew conflict, that is why they are beaten brutally by Zionist thugs in Israel.