Gaza Heros: Samar Abed Rabbo

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Samar, a four years old girl, who was distend not to walk again, after a bullet came out of an Israeli IDF M16 machine gun. Her family members were instructed to leave their house and group in the orchard nearby, her grandmother was waving a white flag, when a burst of bullets were shot at them, killing two of Samar’s sisters (Amal 2 years old and Souad 7 years old who was torn into two halves with the burst of fire).

IDF Spokeswoman claimed that Hamas were shooting at IDF, and that is why they started shooting that way. However, eye witnesses, who happen to be scattered in different places now and shared the same story, told the same story, that the IDF soldiers deliberately shot at these civilians from around 15 meters, while eating chocolate and crisps! which means there were no gunfight during that time, and it is the same old excuse IDF has been using in the past couple of years, Khamas were shooting at us.

Today, Samar is being treated in a hospital in Egypt, accompanied by her uncle, her father Khaled Abd Rabbo is in Gaza trying to understand what has happened, her grandmother Souad is being treated somewhere else, and her sisters are now buried after their fatality.

Samar, is not expected to walk again, and her father Khaled, said when he heard that news, “I lost everything”, thanks to IDF troops, who showed courage killing these children and paralyzing this one.


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